Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CB I hate perfume

Cathy of California recommended some places for me to go while in New York and this was one of them. These aren't normal perfumes, they are better. I bet your favorite scent is here, and if not they also do custom work.  Some of my favorites were bonfire, and library.  I got myself black tea and got my sister macadamia coffee. I heard once that just smelling coffee does the trick of waking you up. Others I enjoyed smelling were: forest floor, clean baby butt, pumpkin pie, and thunder shower. The reason we love smell is because it triggers a memory. The more I think about it, the crazier/more awesome it is that you can buy a reminder in a bottle.
Zeffer is the shop dog, he is a giant but very friendly.

If you loved a scent but are not a perfume wearer, the most popular fragrances are available in home sprays.
The displays were open shelving, clean and simple.
Would you believe it if I smelled every single scent? Allie and I were there an hour! I love this place. 
Thank you Cathy for your recommendation.
CB I Hate Perfume
Christopher Brosius Limited
93 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11211

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  1. I really loved this place! I want to go back and get the "Beach 1966" scent. I swear, it smelled like the beach and what I'm assuming it smelled like in the 60's.



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