Thursday, June 17, 2010

Made By Hank

If you're part of the craft community, I'm sure you've heard of Made by Hank before. If not, it's a bag and purse line by Katie Henry, and a tote of hers is hard to come by. When she lists her items on etsy and they sell out in under a minute.  Before she posts items in her shop, she blogs about them, to give her readers a heads up of what will be available. I am so happy to be the proud owner of this bag! When I saw it on her blog I fell in love with the vintage one of a kind fabric, and I knew I had to have it.  I pretty much love anything floral but I really like the green background and the vibrant flowers. 
Besides having superb construction, the extra details are what make this bag so coveted. The inside is a cream and white striped seersucker, with a pocket made out of the exterior fabric.  An added bonus- a metal clip perfect for the keys that I can never seen to find in the bottom of my bag. My favorite detail is the hand stitched writing on the shoulder strap.

I am so looking forward to carrying this bag with me all summer, and it's roomy enough for my computer.

If all that wasn't enough, Katie included a little surprise gift- an adorable little coin purse.  She's almost too good to be true :) Her Blog, and shop.


  1. i love katie's creations, too! she is so talented & very kind! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful!!!! I have admired katie's bags since she began. You were lucky to have managed to buy one. I don't think you can use the bag for your computer though because of the magnetic snap.

  3. Good point, I was so excited it fit that completely slipped my mind! Thank you for pointing that out.



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