Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A new product!

This debuted last Sunday at Patchwork, a "please deliver to" stamp set.

 You can choose from two different fonts, and it comes with black ink. I'm thinking of adding other ink options but I thought black would be best to start.  Those vintage postage stamps are from my pen pal, Christine, get some here, and she will be at Renegade SF this summer.

I couldn't pick a favorite, which is why I made two. Do you have a favorite?

Everything comes packaged in a kraft box, sealed with divine twine, and a tag marking which style is inside.
Get one of your own here.


  1. i love both!! they work well for different kinds of gifts. but if i had to choose one, i'd go for the girly one (cause i'm a girly girl haha).

  2. I love the one with the heart because I <3 ♥'s. Haha. Are you going to be selling these at Renegade??

  3. Thanks you guys! I think the heart design will be more popular but I just couldn't resist the wood type font. Yes, they will definitely be at Renegade. Christine, i love your profile picture that is such a cute bun.



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