Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recap of Pen Pal Meeting 6.14.10

After so many shows and trips, it feels good to get back into my routine. Monday night was our pen pal meeting at ReForm School. There's been a lot of changes to the shop, Tootie installed these great card shelves- a showcase of our newest stationery additions.

I met Christine of Yellow Owl Workshop at the NSS this year and we talked about their new line of cards.  She said she had gotten some negative feedback, I couldn't believe it.  They are great! I have never seen anything like them and I think they will do really well in the shop.

I really like the colors and bold designs.  I hope to see more of their card line soon.

A wide variety of La Familia Green is now back in stock- a line I can never get enough of.

We are busting with cards!

I am really behind on my correspondence so I stocked up.  From the upper left hand corner clockwise:
The Analog Postcard Set from Yellow Owl Workshop, "you're magical" by egg press, "let's canoodle" by egg press, and "feliz cumpleanos" by jill k. in la.

A very special guest was at the pen pal meeting: Christine, my pen pal!  She ave us the basics to us about stamp collecting.  I got to see her brand new logo in person- how perfect is it?

This is Christine's Scott guide to postage stamps. It has pictures of every US stamp every printed, and it's value. It's really fun to flip through.

Christine had this stamp starter kit for everyone who attended the meeting.  It comes with a shallow dish for a bit of water to moisten the back of the stamp, a paint brush to evenly distribute the water, and an assortment of vintage stamps all in a muslin bag. One lucky reader will win this! Just answer this question in the comments: what old tradition (like letter writing) would you like to see make a comeback? Important: this giveaway is for blog readers only, you have to check back here and email me to claim your prize.  I will choose a winner on Monday.

Some of Christine's beautiful work.

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  1. The tradition that I hope makes a comeback is listening to the radio instead of watching tv. There are wonderful programs and specialty stations out there, especially with the addition of HD radio. My local NPR station (WRKF) is especially awesome!

  2. i would love the tradition of casual weekend picnics in the park to come back...complete with homemade sandwiches & pie, picnic baskets, worn quilts & sundresses :)

  3. I like the traditions of letter writing and stamp collecting and would like to see them both promoted more.




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