Friday, June 18, 2010

Sex and the City!

While I was in New York for the NSS I found out that I won tickets to the Sex and the City tour from around the way girl.  Though I was disappointed by the second "film" (what was with that karaoke scene?) I was very excited to go on the tour. The monday after Renegade Brooklyn, me and my bff went on the tour, it was so much fun!
Before the tour we got lunch at Dean & Deluca and walked through Central Park, the weather was perfect.
This is Allie, my college room mate. We met for the tour in front of the Plaza hotel.  We got on the tour bus and went down Fifth Ave.  The way the tour worked is that we would see a scene then get to see where it was filmed. I always knew that the show was filmed on location in New York but seeing it in real life is even more impressive. Some of the places were tiny!  Like the park where Carrie confronts the face girl? Miniature. I guess that's why they call it movie magic.  It was really cool getting to see all those places in person.
I think this was Allie's favorite stop ;)
We stopped for drinks at "scout" the bar that Aidan and Steve opened up together.  It's a real bar, but it's called O'neiils. 
Then we headed to Magnolia Bakery to enjoy those famous cupcakes and walk around Greenwich Village.
The tour is no longer allowed to go to the stoop but we found it. We only stayed long enough to snap a photo. It was really nice to be carted around and get a tour of the city, if you've ever wanted to take the tour I highly recommend it.  Thank you Anna for your giveaway!
have a good weekend and a fun father's day.


  1. It was so fun! I had a great time, except for when I dropped my cupcake on the ground :(

  2. Looks like you ladies had a great time!!! Can't wait to do the tour when I go up! :)


  3. Hello!
    Like your photos! They are very... hmmm... special)))

  4. well, yes, STRANGER))) It's annoying for me too when strangers write to me.))
    Also, as you can see, English is not my native languge. So it takes a couple minutes (not seconds!) to express what i think))). Hate Babel!))
    I'm Helen (Yelena). Nice to meet you)))

  5. ok, i definitely suck in English. Made a mistake in LANGUAGE))))

  6. yes, babel isn't good. Your english is great, I get it :)
    Thank you and nice to meet you yelena.



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