Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thirty until twenty five

In 30 days, it will be my 25th birthday. I have carefully compiled a (dream) wish list of 25 presents, conveniently organized into six categories. 
For my office/studio: 1. My dream typewriter, 2. Office supply print {currently sold out} , 3. Beautiful pink and gold boxes (thank you katie!) 4. Lined paper pencil pouch (thank you allie!)

I love it all!

For my stationery needs:  10. Any and everything from this shop (thank you sasha!)

For fine art: 13. lubitel +166, for fun art: 14. Fuji Instax (thank you tony!), and for holding film: 15. camera pouch. ( thank you erika!)

For Fun: 23. A day at disneyland, and maybe they can bring back the original submarine ride?

I would be beyond thrilled to receive any of these items but what I would love more than anything is to see all my girlfriends, near and far. (update: visited by Erika in early july, allie and molllye in late july)
+ a cake

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  1. Oh I really love nearly everything on this list! I really hope you get some of these things and see your girlfriends and a big cake!! For my birthday I always treat myself to something on my birthday so you should definitely grab something off your list for yourself.

  2. I think I second all of these things!

    Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Drool...I love all these too! Little Miso (of the umbrella brooch) is from Perth, like me!

    Happy birthday in advance. I will probably be offline and constantly studying in a month's time.

  4. my 25th birthday day is in 12 days (july 5)! and i'd gladly accept any of those things you picked out!



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