Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When the dates were changed for Indie mart I was crushed, it is my favorite fair.  I really terrible about missing it, but what could I do? I had already bought my plane ticket for renegade brooklyn. That's when my team stepped in.  My boyfriend and sister volunteered to drive up to San Francisco so that paper pastries could be there. Though indie mart is my favorite, it is the most exhausting because its all day sunday, and they have to drive back to la right after, for work on monday. Not only do they, and my brother in law, have exhausting full time jobs, but they have helped so much these past weeks. I couldn't do it with them! 

map from here


  1. what a great crew you have! hope both shows go well. :)

  2. what a dilemna! lucky you've got such supportive people.

    awesomely cute map by the way.



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