Tuesday, July 20, 2010


New thank you cards were definitely overdue, so I came up with two new styles.  The first is what I call the international thank you pack.  It comes with six folded cards, two of each design.  Are you writing enough thank you notes? I am definitely not, I hope to catch up on them this week. A good rule of thumb- a thank you is better late than never!
Some notes to remember when writing a thank you note:
Be sincere.  This needs no explanation. 
Be specific. Don't just say thank you for dinner. Say how it made you feel welcome when you're so far from home, what great memories you have from it, or how you would like to return the favor.
Be succinct. If you're writing a note, keep it short. You don't want to write on the back of a card or scramble to make all of your words fit. If you need more room, make it into a thank you letter instead.

I'm trying some new packaging for my card packs, I think this info insert will take out any guess work and eliminate the need to open the package.

The second design is bold and classic. This font reminds me of old letterpress type so I call it the wood type thank you.  My sister picked the color of card and inks- hope you like them!

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