Monday, July 26, 2010

I ♥ Miniature Rhino

I got to meet Jessica of Miniature Rhino stationery this past weekend at Renegade Craft Fair LA.  Polly Danger is a friend of hers and said we should meet; I tried to talk to her at Renegade Brooklyn but her booth was so swamped! Good things are worth the wait.

A letter you can type and put in a bottle, then Jessica will mail it for you.  Where else can you find such a service?

I have seen these on blogs before and they are really adorable in person. These would be a really cute engagment/wedding gift.

Her line is a great mix of vintage papers and imagery.

Air mail will always be in style.

 Here she makes good use of a pegboard, this displays a nice range of her products

Vintage paper and red stitches, what's not to love?
There was so much to see, I hope I didn't spend too much time in her booth taking pictures while people were trying to shop ;)

A different spin on incorporating old postage stamps, there are two pieces of writing paper sewn to the front of these.
I got this stationery kit because my pen pals are owed a letter, and Jessica gave me this little pencil as a gift and a button. The button is not pictured because I immediately attached it to my purse.

Her shop is on vacation mode right now since she's in California, but you can be notified when her etsy reopens.
More Renegade coverage this week!

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  1. think i would be completely broke if i ever managed to visit this craft fair! looks so amazing....

  2. Jessica and her mom were super sweet! I picked up a few of her vintage post cards and can't wait to post them :)

  3. What awesome photos! Jessica is the BESTEST!!!

  4. this made me so happy to see! thanks for the rad photos, much better than any i have. and it was so, so nice to meet you!! good luck in sf!



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