Monday, July 12, 2010

Much love monday: kill devil hill

While shopping one day in Brooklyn, we picked up  Fred Flare's Greenpoint Guide, where they describe the destinations in one sentence. When I saw "Kill Devil Hill: vintage honky tonk curiosities" I couldn't get there fast enough. They have the most beautiful array of antique items, and they also do clothing repair, I think they specialize in denim. Their window display was sublime and there were a lot of gems that I photographed, but my camera opened up in my purse and exposed that part of the film. 
I got a white and gold porcelain handled ink blotter that did not survive the trip home. I opened my suitcase, unwrapped a sweater and there was the blotter, in a million little pieces. So sad. I'll be on the hunt for another one eternally. 

This record was playing a charming tune that I forgot to ask the name of. 

The back room had cozy arm chairs and portraits up on the wall. It was dimly lit and felt like a relatives den.  It was a place to shop yes, but also very welcoming.

I talked to the man who runs the shop, telling him how my brother in law would love this place. They have cowboy shirts, classic shaving cream, fine ties, and beer and pretzel caramels.  He was really sweet and if we weren't starving I would have stayed for hours.  The funny thing is, he and brother in law have the same name- nat! Not a name you hear every day :)  One day I'll have to introduce them.
He was so sharply dressed I couldn't resist asking for a photo. He obliged and I clicked away- a true gentleman!  This shop is definitely the place to find a one of a kind gift. I can't wait to visit again to see what "new" things they have in store.

A must see:
70 Franklin St
BrooklynNY 11222

"Much Love Mondays" from Much love Anna


  1. This place sounds adorable! I love those cute little one off shops that has the most amazing stuff!


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  3. i'm taken by the feel of these photos (even the light-leaked ones).

    also, it was lovely to see you on saturday!



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