Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paper Pastries ♥s YOW

Paper Pastries is pleased as punch to carry some select products of a long time favorite line- Yellow Owl Workshop! I met Christine at this year's stationery show and loved talking to her.  She wants to live in LA and I want to live in SF- house swap!  When I saw these stamp sets I thought they'd be perfect for the shop. They are so great, I want to decorate everything in sight.  We have San Francisco
New York
and Paris.  Do you have a favorite? I couldn't choose! What else is new, right? :)


  1. Thank you!!! I live in the North Bay of SF and just ordered the Golden Gate stamp!!! It is so cute, I love it!!!

  2. love their stuff too, look our for your package from me, it's on the way, hope you like our stamps we make...x



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