Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm pretty sure today it's the hottest it's been all summer here in LA.  I tried to take new product photos all morning but under the studio lights, I became over heated. Now I'm frustrated, with a headache, sipping ice water.  Sometimes I get so fed up with digital that I never want to use it again. With film, I really think about a set up before I push that button, with digital I spend hours going through files trying to find a photo I'm happy with.  I hate waiting for film to be developed, and it's pricey but when I am happy with the results, it really feels worth the extra trouble. It's a struggle back and forth. For now, it makes the most sense to keep film for personal photos and digital for product photos. Imagine switching lens back and forth just so I can get a close up shot. That would drive me crazy! 
I was hoping to debut some new products online today but that will have to wait, I have to finish packaging up everything and get ready for the drive up north. It's easy to get over frustration when you're heading to one of your favorite cities.
Those of you in the bay area, come see me:
{click photo to enlarge}
The Indie Mart Street Fair
Sunday July 18th, 12-6pm
thee parkside-
17st and all down wisconsin
photo sources 1, 2

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  1. What a cool photo! It looks like "tilt" photography, sort of a miniature versions of the LA freeways.



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