Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heather K. Phillips

 I found these "stamps of disapproval" via design work life.  They are fantastic. I would be a better writer if my professors had stamped my essays with these instead of "see me"  :)
 My favorite it "i'm not convinced."
 Each comes in a labeled box, I think these would bring a smile to your teacher or writer friend.
 The designer also makes these tip pencils, the stamps and pencils are available at schooled.

Some more of her thesis work that I enjoy:

all photos from heather k. phillips 


The chef's pencils are in the September issue of Rachel Ray!  They sent me a copy with the page bookmarked, so nice!

If you are a subscriber or next time you're waiting in line at the grocery store, check out page 47, "everyday faves."

Up in the right hand corner of the page.  I'm honored!  The pencils are also featured on their website.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I ♥ mail

I've gotten such great mail this past month!  Above is a note from a Lindsay, a college friend who I haven't seen since Christmas.  She had recently taken a trip to India and I was eager to see her photos.
She sent me wallet sized prints on metallic paper- aren't they great?  I really like the way they came out and I want to see more. The peacock mural is my favorite.
This is Polly Danger's moving announcement!  She used personal photos to fill in the letters of this custom postcard. Great idea!  You can see her husband Eric, mowing their lawn in the letter "R." :)
This is from my new pen pal Sophie, all the way in Australia.  
Inside was this stamped happy birthday banner. It made my day!  
Christine always puts together stamp collections for me- last months' was new york.

Each letter I get is a little present. I love the decorated greetings, and personal touches.
On the left, a handmade envelope from Polly, and a mini air mail envelope from Sophie.
Inside the mini envelope was this pen pal questionnaire. Sophie typed it on one of her vintage typewriter. She came up with these questions for us to get to know each other better.
Some of my answers: 7. what I thought i'd be when I grew up, 8. What I like to do in my free time, 9. my favorite season, and 10. a book i'll read again and again.
I traded with etsy shop Saratops. She recycles maps and other paper and makes them into notebooks.
My favorite is this old map of the bay bridge.
I also got a lot of birthday cards,
and presents. I'm so lucky!  I'm off to write some overdue responses.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Social Type at Renegade LA

Introducing The Social Type Salutations!  Allison is a friend that had moved to San Francisco but now she's back in LA.  Allison (on the left) and Jessica run the line from their home offices, one in Silver Lake and one in San Francisco. We shared a booth at Renegade LA. When applications for the show opened they didn't have any printed cards, just ideas. I knew I would love anything they came up with and do I love this line!
I was really impressed by this wooden, hand painted hanging sign. Isn't is great? 
Their display was darling with vintage wooden boxes, latte bowls, and classic taffy.
We ate a lot of that taffy. It was melting, we had to.
and now, the goods:  letterpress and foil stamped. fancy fancy! So adorable in person.
I'm completely charmed by their entire line, the colors, the layouts, and the fonts. Everything works perfectly in unison.
It's impossible to pick a favorite.
Check out their brand new etsy shop and they also offer custom design services.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the desk of

Introducing the newest addition the Paper Pastries line! These are classic. They come with an ink pad ready to be gifted. They are well suited for a man or a woman. It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays! They are affordable, personalized, and last forever.
You can choose from 4 styles or submit your own.  Maybe you have a special nick name for your sister, or you'd like a stamp of your signature, we can work together to come up with the ideal stamp for you.
You can also add paper to get started stamping right away.
Gift wrap is complimentary, buy/more details here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The last of Renegade SF summer

A few more pictures from around Renegade SF.  The crowds were huge! See my balloons up to the right?  The sign was spinning I wish I had caught a shot of it.
Etsy was there with a lot of freebies + tutorials plus these letterpress postcards.
I got to see Sue's line Timber up close and personal- love those stripes!
I really like her banner and prints. The colors are great.

I want this colorful banner up in my studio! I wish she sold it.
Erin from the renegade crew having fun in the owl.
The weather was very nice in the morning.  We got to spend a little time outside because someone set off the fire alarm but it wasn't a big deal. We were back inside within 10 minutes.
Then it went dark and stormy.  So much fun! Can't wait for Renegade Holiday.

Paper Pastries at Renegade SF

Renegade San Francisco was my favorite craft fair so far. There were so many great vendors, products, and people.  Tony came up with this idea for a floating sign, inspired by UP.
The set up was pretty much the same but we had 3 card shelves instead of 4.  We needed a floating sign because people couldn't see the banner when they were in the booth.
One new addition are my table signs.  They are brown and pink cardstock, hand lettered with stamped prices. There is a heart punched out of the bottom right hand corner.  
I'd like to permanently attach the pencils to this cork board but I think they will break in transit. Any ideas?
We don't always have room for the custom board and I don't like putting it up outside (too windy!) so I was glad we found a place for it in this booth.
There's a wide range of custom work, from wedding invitations
to moving announcements. I hope to add more soon.

Near the end of the day, the balloons were still a fun addition to the booth but we had to get rid of them. Have you ever tried to drive with 25 balloons in your car? Not easy! We were glad to give them a baby who couldn't take her eyes of them and her parents were pretty happy about it too.  
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