Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today is my best friend's birthday. We were college room mates, shared the same major (pretty much every class) and enjoyed many road trips together. Even though she now lives across the country and I miss her a ton, it gives me an excuse to visit her in New York every chance I get. Plus she is a great tour guide.  We can't celebrate her birthday until she visits later LA later this month but in the meantime, a few of her favorite things:
Spelling out her name. Bao- The first time I met her she said "I'm a vegetarian but I can't resist pork buns."  That didn't last long.
Records and/or record store guys ;)   Always ready and willing for a beach picnic a true love of the ocean, what a california girl.
Every time I heard her gasp, its because she saw a cute dog/puppy/pet.  Beards in any shape or form.
photo sources: bed portrait and "a" from my new york pictures, pork buns, records, beach, puppy, beard


  1. This is so sweet! Can't wait to see you next week!

  2. I love A-l-l-i-e. A-l-l-e-n. Happy birthday. :)

  3. love the picture of the beard! Makes me feel super content indeed!



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