Friday, August 20, 2010

A busy summer

I just got a roll of film developed from July and I wanted to share these photos. For those of you who missed Paper Pastries' first birthday party, look at this cake. I was so in love, I didn't want to cut into it. I explained my vision for the centerpiece and katie executed it perfectly. A big thanks to my big sister for baking and frosting and delivering all these baked treats!

There was boston cream, 

and pink lemonade cupcakes. I couldn't decide on a favorite.
Everyone loved the treats but I couldn't believe some people walked around eating cupcakes and getting chocolate on my products!  There were plenty of napkins but a clear lack of common sense. I had to make a sign that said "please enjoy your treats before OR after you browse- chocolate and paper don't mix!"  I still had to throw away two things because of smudgy fingers :(  Overall though, a great show, lots of fun, and zero stress. I love being inside, and being able to set up when it was most convenient for me- thank you ReForm School!

I did a bit of cleaning out my red drawers and came across a bunch of carving blocks I had left over from this project. 
I saw really cute envelopes that had hearts punched out of them on Snippet and Ink and wanted to make some,  I needed cards to go along with them.  

It's been a long time since I used a brayer and mixed my own ink- it was fun! Just like printmaking class.
I mixed bold colors with white to get a pale palette.
I used the heart punch out from the Martha Stewart line and am left over with a lot of heart confetti.

While we were in Santa Cruz for the 4th of July we stayed in Tony's parent's vacation home. It was built in 1912, has a sun porch and is a block away from the beach.
This neighborhood cat, chuy, was a huge fan of the sun porch and visited it most afternoons.
He kept my company while I wrote letters to my friends.  All the stationery is from Book Shop Santa Cruz.
One of my favorite things about Santa Cruz is just walking around, all the people out walking smile and say hello, and I love all the houses down by the beach.

There were a lot of American pride and great fireworks that night, a great vacation!
There are a lot of beauties down by the beach, and all of them so friendly!
On our way home we stopped for lunch in San Luis Obispo and walked along the creek.
Before I left for Santa Cruz, I received these custom color cake stands from A fabulous fete.


  1. looks like such a fun birthday party. i love all of the sweet details!

  2. what wonderful photos, happy 1st birthday Paper Pastries! I love your stationary it's just simply fabulous! x

  3. So many great things in this post... 1) those cupcakes at the party were delicious! I tried one of each, but kept my fingers clean ; ) 2) Book Shop Santa Cruz ROCKS! 3) Aww.. the creek in SLO, I used to take the kids I nannied to play down there everyday after we went for froyo ...thanks for all the good memories!

  4. Thanks everyone! I love sharing with you :)



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