Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fill in the Blank "Friday," eating.

When I'm on vacation, I never know what day it is :)
1. Today for breakfast I ate: a cinnamon roll.
2. My go to/never fail recipe: I don't have one because I don't cook. But my favorite dish my sister makes me is lemon pasta with clams.
3. Something I eat that other people think is weird is: I can't think of anything but my family is still annoyed that I don't eat onions.
4. My worst cooking disaster ever was: waffles. A couple years ago, I wanted to surprise tony with a birthday breakfast. It was my first time making waffles, and at 5 am, I read the directions "pour 3/4 of batter into waffle iron."  I thought that meant pour 3/4 of the entire batter, not fill it up only 3/4 of the way. He ended up with a grapefruit and coffee.
5. If I could only eat one flavor ice cream for the rest of my life it would be: vanilla- for root beer floats.
6. One food I hate and avoid at all costs is: shrimp; cockroach of the sea.
7. My favorite meal is: breakfast. It can be a simple treat or a grand event. 
Next week: recap of Renegade SF! Have a great weekend.
photo from: tartelette, who has a beautiful + delicious photo stream, which I don't recommend looking at if you're hungry.
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  1. now im hungry.. i duno what a cinnamon roll is but i definitely want one right now.

    I have that milk bottle!

  2. Me too, your blogs is delicious!! and breakfast is the best moment at the day :)

  3. I laughed out loud when I read about the waffle incident. And lemon pasta with clams sounds delicious.

  4. Your blog is SUPER cute! I'm going to follow you! I'd be so happy if you'd follow me back! Thanks again, Nicole Mariana



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