Monday, August 23, 2010

Forage bow ties

When I first read about the line of bow ties Something's hiding in here were making I knew I had to have one. I just fell in love with the different fabrics and classic savoir-faire. Shauna and Stephen came up with three different styles of bow ties- thistle, cricket, and arrowhead. Thistle is the classic bow shape and the one I got.
The opening reception was July 23rd at the Curiosity Shoppe, and I only had to wait a few days until I could get my hands on one.  I was in San Francisco for the Renegade craft fair and got to stop by the shoppe for a visit and to see the show.
Every last detail, down to the snippets of pattern on the box, was painstakingly thought out and it does not go unnoticed.
The info postcard about the show even has a miniature bow tie on it!
It was hard to pick a pattern and style, and even harder to tie it.  A big thanks to Derek who patiently showed me, in front of a mirror. I got it after 7 tries!
Found photographs of gentlemen wearing bow ties graced the back wall of the exhibit.
Thanks to Janine from Uppercase Magazine for capturing this shot of the bowtie in action.  Don't I look like I'm trying to not smile? I was worried I had chocolate in my teeth since I had just eaten some. Next time I'll risk it!
The bow ties are only available for one more week online.  Dress up an ordinary day, or make a great gift for the men in your wedding party, your dad or beau.

forage postcard from Curiosity Shoppe and photo of me from Janine. all other photos taken by my 35mm.



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