Monday, August 30, 2010

I ♥ mail

I've gotten such great mail this past month!  Above is a note from a Lindsay, a college friend who I haven't seen since Christmas.  She had recently taken a trip to India and I was eager to see her photos.
She sent me wallet sized prints on metallic paper- aren't they great?  I really like the way they came out and I want to see more. The peacock mural is my favorite.
This is Polly Danger's moving announcement!  She used personal photos to fill in the letters of this custom postcard. Great idea!  You can see her husband Eric, mowing their lawn in the letter "R." :)
This is from my new pen pal Sophie, all the way in Australia.  
Inside was this stamped happy birthday banner. It made my day!  
Christine always puts together stamp collections for me- last months' was new york.

Each letter I get is a little present. I love the decorated greetings, and personal touches.
On the left, a handmade envelope from Polly, and a mini air mail envelope from Sophie.
Inside the mini envelope was this pen pal questionnaire. Sophie typed it on one of her vintage typewriter. She came up with these questions for us to get to know each other better.
Some of my answers: 7. what I thought i'd be when I grew up, 8. What I like to do in my free time, 9. my favorite season, and 10. a book i'll read again and again.
I traded with etsy shop Saratops. She recycles maps and other paper and makes them into notebooks.
My favorite is this old map of the bay bridge.
I also got a lot of birthday cards,
and presents. I'm so lucky!  I'm off to write some overdue responses.


  1. you have such wonderful friends; this inspires me to send more mail (that isn't junk mail) :)

  2. a very nice collection of correspondence.

    i also love the way you've been photographing everything..! though i may just be biased towards the minty blue.

    pen pal club meeting in the fall..?

    hope you are well!



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