Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The last of Renegade SF summer

A few more pictures from around Renegade SF.  The crowds were huge! See my balloons up to the right?  The sign was spinning I wish I had caught a shot of it.
Etsy was there with a lot of freebies + tutorials plus these letterpress postcards.
I got to see Sue's line Timber up close and personal- love those stripes!
I really like her banner and prints. The colors are great.

I want this colorful banner up in my studio! I wish she sold it.
Erin from the renegade crew having fun in the owl.
The weather was very nice in the morning.  We got to spend a little time outside because someone set off the fire alarm but it wasn't a big deal. We were back inside within 10 minutes.
Then it went dark and stormy.  So much fun! Can't wait for Renegade Holiday.

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