Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paper Pastries at Renegade SF

Renegade San Francisco was my favorite craft fair so far. There were so many great vendors, products, and people.  Tony came up with this idea for a floating sign, inspired by UP.
The set up was pretty much the same but we had 3 card shelves instead of 4.  We needed a floating sign because people couldn't see the banner when they were in the booth.
One new addition are my table signs.  They are brown and pink cardstock, hand lettered with stamped prices. There is a heart punched out of the bottom right hand corner.  
I'd like to permanently attach the pencils to this cork board but I think they will break in transit. Any ideas?
We don't always have room for the custom board and I don't like putting it up outside (too windy!) so I was glad we found a place for it in this booth.
There's a wide range of custom work, from wedding invitations
to moving announcements. I hope to add more soon.

Near the end of the day, the balloons were still a fun addition to the booth but we had to get rid of them. Have you ever tried to drive with 25 balloons in your car? Not easy! We were glad to give them a baby who couldn't take her eyes of them and her parents were pretty happy about it too.  


  1. The floating sign was a great idea! The heart banner is adorable too.

  2. The floating sign idea was absolutely brilliant! I love the shots of your set up. It's always so fun to see someone's craft fair displays. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your balloon sign! I saw your stall featured on a few different blogs - fantastic.



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