Friday, August 27, 2010

The Social Type at Renegade LA

Introducing The Social Type Salutations!  Allison is a friend that had moved to San Francisco but now she's back in LA.  Allison (on the left) and Jessica run the line from their home offices, one in Silver Lake and one in San Francisco. We shared a booth at Renegade LA. When applications for the show opened they didn't have any printed cards, just ideas. I knew I would love anything they came up with and do I love this line!
I was really impressed by this wooden, hand painted hanging sign. Isn't is great? 
Their display was darling with vintage wooden boxes, latte bowls, and classic taffy.
We ate a lot of that taffy. It was melting, we had to.
and now, the goods:  letterpress and foil stamped. fancy fancy! So adorable in person.
I'm completely charmed by their entire line, the colors, the layouts, and the fonts. Everything works perfectly in unison.
It's impossible to pick a favorite.
Check out their brand new etsy shop and they also offer custom design services.

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