Monday, September 27, 2010

I ♥ cameras

Last week, Katrina, of Pugly Pixel shared her collection, and asked others to join in. The above photo was taken with my polaroid and expired film. The rest of these photos are taken with a canon rebel xt.
 I found this Polaroid land camera (800 model) in my favorite Santa Cruz shop, Front Street Thrift.  It has since gone out of business, but it really was the best thrift shop I've ever been to. They had so many mint condition vintage pieces at thrift store prices.
This looked as if it had never been used. The original carrying case was unscratched, still a rich color and everything inside was intact.
One of the gems inside the case was the manual.
The back of the camera had a handy guide printed right on it.

220 model of Polaroid land camera.
Kodak Pony 828.
A big selling point for me is the original case, they are so hard to find.
Yashica electro, this came without a case, strap, or lens cap.
Minolta xg7 with my dad's old camera strap. This is the camera I used most in college.
Canon FTb, another great 35mm, but so heavy that I rarely take it around with me.
Tony got me this for my birthday, fuji instax.

Polaroid one step, with 3 boxes of expired film.
Olympus half frame, only good for bright sunlight since I can't find a flash for it.
Golden half frame, also only good in bright sun light. Because of it's size its perfect to throw in your purse.
A gift from Brady, russian spy camera made to look like a book.
Fish eye with submarine case.
I got this the first time I went to Montana, it takes really fun underwater photos.
My favorite medium format camera, the Diana F+.
Diana Mini, a 35mm half frame/square format dream.
I ordered a holga off some website and got this knockoff instead. It works ok.
I'm borrowing Brady's Rolleiflex, it takes great portraits.
Oktomat, color splash, and 4 square sampler.
Mini leica digital. I think its 5 or 6 megapixels.
Go see more collections at Pugly Pixel and tell anna what you love.


  1. Wow! What a great collection! I'm so jealous! You must have so much fun with all of them :)

  2. Awesome collection! :)

    Would you like to participate in my project?

    I just started it and I see you have an Instax Mini.. :)

  3. oh wow, completely jealous, that is an amazing collection ~ so much fun to be had there!

  4. You have the UTIMATE collection! I just had to smile when i read the name of your Holga knockoff.

    Thanks for sharing your cameras. :) :) :)

  5. Oh my! You have such an awesome collection. I am so very envious of you! :)

  6. yes the knock off holga made me laff! I love my Diana Mini and Lubitel 166+ so much!!!

  7. What a wonderful post! Never seen a Kodak pony before!

  8. Love seeing your collection! I have that Olympus Half-Frame and Diana Mini, too! Now I feel like making a post of my cameras on my blog... thanks for the inspiration. ;)



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