Monday, September 6, 2010

I ♥ hawaii

This is the house we stayed in while visiting the Big Island of Hawaii. 
It was complete paradise with a hammock in front and an incredible ocean view.
The view out the window of the master bedroom. 
A little background: I grew up in Southern California, swimming every weekend at my uncle's house and visiting the beach frequently. As soon as I went to college I lost my love of the water + the ability to put my head under. I probably went to the beach a total of 4 times all through school and not once went in the water.  Although we had a beautiful beach in front of the house, I really wanted to see all of the different colored sand beaches and I thought that if I was ever going to go in the water again, Hawaii would be a pretty good place to do it. While I don't care for sand, I do love the sight, sound, and smell of a beautiful beach.  Some I came across:
After 7 years, I went into the ocean.  The beach at mauna kea invited me into it's depths and though I was very hesistant, being surrounded by my closest family and friends allowed me to relax and dive in!
More fun stuff we did/saw:
Kamehameha statue,

Moped rentals in Kona,
A steaming volcano, 
Hand painted mileage,
Actual tropical drinks, 
Romantic sunsets,
Tide pool exploring, 
Giant waterfalls, 
and some down time. This is my favorite picture from the whole trip, it reminds me of a Nancy Drew cover, with tony floating in the background like a creep. I love double exposure surprises.  Have a great labor day.

all photos taken with my diana, diana mini, or 35mm.  See more photos from my Hawaii trip on flickr.


  1. Such gorgeous photos! I've never gone to Hawaii and never really felt a need to, but now I do!

  2. oh these photos are gorgeous! I really love that first one. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. OMG, take me there immediately!! These photos are stunning. x

  4. oh my! your vacation looks like it was lovely!

  5. I would love to visit Hawaii. It's looks just perfect. Those cocktails look rather perfect too!



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