Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LA Printer's Fair

 Thanks for everyones well wishes yesterday, I took it easy and I feel a lot better today, definitely good enough to travel to New York. Today, some photos from the weekend. Above, delicious petite mints that I can't get enough of.
 A pin, bookmark and Dee & Lala Card.
 I love their candy note card and immediately had to have this Halloween version. eyeballs 8)
The back is a hoot!
Tony got this linotype of my name made, I haven't decided where I want to keep it. I'm thinking of making it into a magnet.
Jill K. in LA new Halloween cards.
 I've loved all of Jill's cards since the moment I saw them but I still really enjoy seeing them all together. The bright colors and clean hand carved images work so well together.
 Plus she has these new adorable table top shelves, with scalloped tops.
Ellinor from Krank Press was also there with a cute new haircut. She has a really great new product, I can't share because I got it as a little gift for some friends.
 The printing museum was really cool, they have a huge variety of vintage type.
 This printing bed was set up with vintage wood type,
 and the printed poster was up. I like how they showed the process.
This was a small selection of their giant collection. Each drawer is filled with metal type and ornaments.
 There were many sections of the fair: stationery vendors, demonstrations, exhibits, and equipment sales.
 What a beauty!
These beasts were for sale, and by the time I got there (around 4pm) most of them had sold.
 They are awesome but scare me, I've heard too many horror stories from my printing teacher about people losing their arm in machines like these.
 I definitely want to go back to the museum when the crowds not so big and when it's not so hot! If you're in LA or visiting, I recommend taking a trip to Torrance. The museum is open on Saturdays from 10am-4pm, its $8 for adults, $7 for students.
 Saturday night Tony and I went to Whittier to hang out with Katie and Nat. We went to dinner at Claim Jumper's and they had this love tester.
It's accuracy is debatable :)



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