Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Levi's print workshop

I just got another roll of film developed and I was happy to find these photos.  This is from the same trip to San Francisco for Renegade. When I visited the Curiosity Shoppe, the told me to check this place out, just down the street. This was a pop up print shop, only open for 8 weeks. The whole point of this project was to encourage people to make things themselves, and they had the facilities to fulfill a range of needs. Anyone could sign up for time on a press, or silkscreen, and they had a couple employees to help. You could print cards, poems, ziness, t-shirts, posters. Also, many events were held, like talks+get togethers by artists and authors.   It's time like these I so wished I lived in San Francisco! 
As soon as I walked in the smell was intoxicating.  I took 3 years of letterpress classes in college and the scent of inks and clean up solvents made me instantly happy. I could have spent all day in here.
They had every kind of printing supply you could think of, I love this giant wood type.
These were some of the largest rubber stamps I had ever seen.
They did a really good job of laying out the space. There was a great mix of old and new technology.
A lounging spot when you needed a break.
Original type posters decorated the walls,  I asked around but no one knew who the printer was.
Some examples of work produced there.
I understand that Levi's wanted to set up something so great in their own town, but wouldn't this make a great traveling 'exhibit' ?  Next stop, los angeles!
all photos by margaret haas.

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