Thursday, September 2, 2010

Silver Lining

Because attendance wasn't close to what we had all hoped, I got to spend a lot of time visiting with familiar faces at Unique OC.  Christen of Dee & Lala, 
Laura of Lulu Dee,
Rachel of P.O.P. candy (which I found out stands for pacific ocean park , an amusement park open from 1958-1967 check out the photos, it looks amazing)
I was lucky to be on the shady side (second booth on the left) because I saw so many people get badly sunburnt even though we had tents.  This show was the first time I had to set up the booth by myself, but it was easy because I was allowed to drive right up to the space to unload. 
It was hot and sunny all weekend. Another plus is I got to meet a lot of new vendors that I've admired for a long time! More Unique OC recap tomorrow.

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