Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy and fill in the blank halloween

A visit to my house is not complete without a trip to the candy dish. Some of my everyday favorites include dove chocolate, gummy octopus, and toffee. When October rolls around it's always candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins.
Tony and I were downtown the other day, for dinner at Bottega Louie. Besides being a full service restaurant, bar, bakery and cafe they also have a gourmet candy bar. I was delighted to find apple cider and pumpkin spice candy corn! I love pumpkin anything.
Also, I love malt balls, especially spooky ones. Their printed ribbon is so glam, I want some for paper pastries custom orders.
All varieties are delicious. I hope someone comes over soon so I don't eat them all!
It's not October in my house without some glitter pumpkins :) The porcelain fruit baskets are from ReForm School.

On to the blanks:
1. On Saturday, I'm going to my friends halloween party, on sunday, I'm going to my sisters house to watch scary movies and pass out candy.
2. My most memorable halloween costume was when I was harry potter in college. A lot of people wanted to take pictures with me. The only bad thing about it was that I let my friend draw the scar on my forehead with a sharpie that left its mark for days.
3. For Halloween this year, I'm not dressing up.
4. I thought I was going to be a firefly, but had no reason to dress up. My friend just told me this week he's having a party. I didn't want to rush and come up with something half assed.
5. Halloween free association: thriller, October, pumpkin, haunted house
6. The worst thing about Halloween is girls who dress "sexy" and walk around freezing.
7. The best thing about Halloween is it's one holiday closer to Christmas.


  1. MMMMMMMMM now I want candy! LOL! Great pictures. I can't believe you let your friend draw on your your head with a sharpie!!! Stopping by from Laurens! Happy Halloween

  2. lol, i know! I doubt my judgement is any better 7 years later. Black eyeliner kept smearing so a sharpie seemed like the obvious second choice. She convinced me it would wipe off with some ponds cold cream. It didnt.

  3. mmmm. look at all that yummy candy

    have a great halloween...and weekend!


  4. amen to the 'sexy' girl costumes!
    do you ever eat your candy corn with peanuts? it tastes like a payday (and makes it waaaay too easy to eat waaaay too much candy corn!

  5. Lovely colors! Hopefully, you had a very nice Halloween.



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