Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hitched Event

It was clear to see so much work went into setting up this event. My favorite part was the stationery. Do you recognize those envelopes from the Postage Service? Christine's vintage postage is the perfect finishing touch to any invitation suite.
Smog Shoppe is a ultimate venue for a party. With all the talking, dancing, and eating, it's nice to be able to step outside in the cool air for a few minutes. The roof is exposed but the event is still contained.
Pretty tablescapes were around every corner.
I got there a little too late, I missed the cupcakes which I heard were amazing.
More from the postage service.
My lovely lady dates for the evening, amy + allison.
I caught a few glimpses of the fashion show.
Samplings from the wedding photographer.
I'm so sad I missed these cupcakes served from this cute trailer.
The lighting was soft, romantic and pretty.
Elum invitations from Urbanic.
A paint by numbers guest book.
Pretty fun for a Thursday night :)


  1. Hello again!! I can't stop wandering around this delicious blog!! And most of all i love reading about these parties with handmade magical lights... we don't have much of that culture around here, so my eyes need to feast somewhere else! Take care! Twiggs

  2. Ooo.. thanks for posting the pic of my envelopes on display : ) I wish I could have seen it all in person. Next time for sure!

  3. ahhh! where are pictures of you!? i need to remember what you look like so i can say hi next time!! perhaps we shall meet at the next hitched event? :)



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