Thursday, October 21, 2010

I (still) love Miniature Rhino

I got these hand embroidered initials as engagement + anniversary gifts. I had to wait until I gave these to their respective recipients to share. Last Thursday I met with Amy to discuss her save the dates. I presented this to her over lunch and she just beamed. I'm so glad she liked it, but seriously, how could she not? It is so adorable in person!
Also, last Thursday, I went wedding dress shopping in south Pasadena with Jessica. She looked so beautiful!  I forgot how fun it is; the lace, the veils, the 30 shades of white! The last time I got to tag along was 7 years ago, with Katie. After she was done we went around the corner for coffee and cupcakes. She also was delighted with her gift, its such a crowd pleaser!
Why get three of the same gift? Because I love it! Handmade, darling, simple, and timeless. Plus, none of them can be jealous of anothers' gift :)
Thanks to Jessica for making these sweet gifts!


  1. So beautiful! And they sound like the perfect engagemnet/wedding/dress shopping presents : )

  2. yay! thanks so much! love to hear the stories of the brides as you gave them the gifts. sorry i missed you in NY. hope it was a great trip!!
    thanks so much!!!



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