Monday, October 18, 2010

I ♥ Transportation

On my last day in new york Allie took me to the NY transit museum. I really like going to art museums, but I had no idea I would love a museum about transportation. The best thing about this museum has to be that it is actually underground in an old subway station, which is pretty cool.
There were lots of photos of workers emptying out tunnels where the tracks would be laid. I do not like being in small places I couldn't imagine how scared I would be to be underground all day.
 There were two wheelbarrows where you could "test your strength." I couldn't lift either! Workers had to clear about 60 barrows of rubble a day.
Another cool exhibit was about all the traffic on the water ways around New York, mostly the Hudson River. They had the original control panel that raised and lowered bridges so that ships could pass through carrying cargo and goods.
There were many diagrams, drawings and layouts of new york citys' bridges.
A history of turnstiles were around the corner. These were removed because people kept getting trapped in there when the gears would jam.
This system, put a nickel in when you enter, and a nickle when you leave, was removed because it took up too much of a commuter's time.
I really enjoyed this collection of the old token machines.
Did any of you live or visit new york while there were still tokens for the subway? Were they a hassle? I never got to use them. Though the metro cards are very convenient they don't have that certain charm the tokens did.
This, for some reason, reminded me of my parents.
I had to get this shot for my dad, he was a bus driver for 25 years. Now he's a bus mechanic and likes it so much more. 
A little bit of trivia, do you know where the name "dodgers" came from?
My absolute favorite part of the entire place were the retired subway cars. They had cars dating back all the way to the 1900's! I just feel so bad for the people that had to ride the subway when all they had were ceiling fans. Car above from the 30's.
The colors were really great, the car above is from the 40's.
Another treat inside the subway cars were advertisements of the times. There were plenty of ads on the subway, to continue taking the subway.
Kind of funny, right?
I enjoyed all the politico ads.
I thought my brother in law, nat, would like this.
What a deal!
Why aren't there ads like this anymore? very effective.
A sign o' the times :)
These porthole windows are to die for!
Really great vintage subway maps, I was hoping they sold prints of these in their gift shop.
They didn't. I'd absolutely love a poster like this.
A few metal signs that used to be hung up around stations
And a very cool illustration by the great Julia Rothman. I ♥ NY!
all photos taken with my 35mm.

and since its her birthday, I also want to say that I love my grandma.

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