Friday, October 1, 2010

No. 2 Guest Post- Mocking bird

I stumbled across this great guide to film cameras, via, words to shoot by, and fell in love with Amanda's photography style. I've been an admirer/follower ever since.

Hello Paper Pastries readers. My name is Amanda and I write the blog, Mocking Bird. The lovely Margaret has asked me to do a guest post for you today.
I am an Australian photographer and teacher from Sydney living in Vancouver, Canada. I love my 2 cities and thought I'd share my life city vs city. Sydney and Vancouver through my eyes.
Sydney beach

Vancouver beach  

 Sydney cherry blossom

Vancouver cherry blossom

Sydney coffee

Vancouver coffee

Sydney cupcake

Vancouver cupcake
Sydney play time
Vancouver play time
I adore both my cities and love shooting their similarities and differences. As I live in Vancouver right now, I only get to shoot Sydney on trips home to visit family but it's great to see my hometown with new eyes when I do go back.I hope you've enjoyed my tale of two cities. Thanks so much for having me, Margaret!

Thanks to Amanda for sharing her two worlds, they both look fabulous! Check out her blog and her soon to reopen photo shop.


  1. Love the coffee photos, they look so yummy!

  2. This is such a lovely blog. New follower here from Australia. I love the pictures and the card tutorial!



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