Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No. 4 Guest Post- That Kate

You may remember me mentioning That Kate from a much love monday post a couple months ago. I really love the style of her film photography and enjoy reading about her adventures. Take it away Kate!

Hello there. I am Kate and I have a blog called That Kate. I live near London and spend most of my time photographing, creating, film watching and exploring.
I was so excited when Margaret asked me to write a guest post as I am a huge fan of Paper Pastries, so I hope you all enjoy this.
I absolutely adore bookshops (and photographing them), and on a recent visit to Bristol I went to the marvellous Bloom and Curll.
 It's an independent bookshop, that is such a delight to potter about in. 
They even had plates of free cake adorning the shelves and I have heard that they even host gigs there, which just sounds wonderful.
I can't wait to return.

Thank you for letting me stop by, Margaret.



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