Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paper Pastries at Unique OC

Every couple months I go through and edit down my photos. I realized I never posted about my booth at Unique OC. This was the only booth that I've had to set up by myself. I think I did pretty good :)
The floral sheet was the backdrop for Joie Studios, but since it was double sided it also made a pretty backdrop for my booth. Thanks Tina!
We now carry Divine Twine, it will be available in my online shop this week. I love the rainbow of colors and it has so many uses.
The 'I left my heart in" cards are taking over their boxes. Thinking forward to holiday shows,  I need to come up with a better option to display them.
Sweet lucies' organic coffee ice cream got me through the last hour of the day- always the hardest for me! I'm ready and excited to see what we can come up with for holiday shows.



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