Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Souvenir foto school is a photo challenge run by Miss. B,  the author of Blah, blah, blahg. Students uploaded their photos to flickr and received critique and feedback. If you missed more than one day, you were automatically dropped from the class. I quickly became obsessed with this project. Tony was very patient with me throughout, helping me decide on a subject,  then helping me narrow down the choices. I would be in a panic until I had an idea for that day's photo, then I wouldn't be able to do anything until that photo was taken.  The theme for this SFS was ABC. Photos didn't have to go be taken in alphabetical order, you just had to photograph and upload every day. Here, in order, the photos I took: A is for Algonquin hotel (click on any photo to enlarge)
 B is for bow
 C is for coffee candy
 D is for dessert
 E is for Elvis
 F is for flowers
 G is for gold:
Vintage gold mesh wallet, a gift from my sister
H charm: My mom's. She bought it for herself as a wedding present to celebrate her new last name.
"Diamond ring" made entirely of 18K gold, birthday present 2008
Martha Stewart Florentine gold glitter
Tiffany Bean, valentines day present 2006
Topaz/gold pendant, my mothers
 H is for homemade hot chocolate
 I is for insect
 J is for jam
 K is for knobs
 L is for lotus bowls
 M is for marshmallow
 N is for notebooks
 O is for OPI
 P is for pink
 Q is for qtips
 R is for round
 S is for sweet and salty
 T is for typewriter
 U is for uppercase
 V is for variety
 W is for worlds
 X marks the spot
 Y is for yardstick
Z is for zapato

This was a really fun project, even though it kind of took over my life :) I think the next SFS is scheduled to start up again soon, I will keep you posted.

all photos taken with canon rebel xti, except "a is for algonquin" is taken with an iphone.

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