Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wrappers Delight

I'm really looking forward to Monday, when Halloween is over and I can officially start getting excited about Christmas. One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is gift wrapping. I'm excited to carry more gift wrapping supplies in my shop, starting with Divine Twine!
I've been obsessed with divine twine ever since it came out. This is not regular old bakers twine, its so so thick (4 ply) and comes in fabulous colors. Oyster (above) is my go to.
I'm offering it in 20 yard bundles by color. Save when you buy 3 bundles!
Another addition are these cute little tags. I've found 20 uses for them already.
A simple + sweet handmade card and to liven up that plain envelope.
Customize your gift message, beautify an ordinary jar,
make a cute gift even cuter,
organize your life! Mix and match colors, sold in packs of 20.
You'll never know how much ribbon you need until you're out of it. That's why I make sure to keep plenty of this on hand. Sold by 10 yards.

 and last but not least, le pens, oh la la! Pretty much every letter I write, I use one of these beauties. They are great and the colors stay true and never fade. Sold individually, buy 6+ and save.

Lots more packaging supplies coming soon, see everything currently in stock.
It's never too early to start shopping for Christmas- even if its just wrap :)


  1. seeing all these colors make me light-headed, in a very good way. these are fantastic!!

  2. oh wow! loooove all of this paper goodness. and the colors are stunning - agreeing with katrina!!



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