Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bow ties galore!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with everything Somethings Hiding in Here makes. Remember their first line of bow ties in the summer? They found 1940's plaid fabric and have made more :)
The colors and plaid are really fantastic, what a great find!
They come packaged in this box, ready to be gifted. Do you know anyone who needs a fabulous bow tie?

They aren't available in their online shop yet, but hopefully they will be soon. The anticipation is killing me.
I can't decide between this one,

or this one. Which do you like better? I feel the bottom one is more "winter."

all photos from Somethings hiding in here flickr stream.

**I'm debuting a brand new product tomorrow!** you guys are always the first to know. Check back in, bright and early tomorrow, and don't forget you have until Monday to enter this giveaway.


  1. man, i love that one on the bottom! my husband LOVES bow ties--he was into them before they were 'in' :) i might have to get him a handmade one to add to his collection :)

  2. yes yes yes -- the bottom. thanks for the heads-up. :)



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