Monday, November 29, 2010

I ♥ ReadyMade

Everytime I have a cold, I feel like I was just sick. I've been feeling stuffed up for about 3 days but today was the worst. I woke up and had a pounding headache and a really sore throat. I've been sneezing and coughing all day, and I look like I was run over. I spent most of the day on the couch and I just came back from CVS with some supplies:
-Mucinex, which I've never taken but have high hopes for
-chapstick, a necessary everyday staple
-and puffs plus lotion- so worth it. The lotion is divine. Though I am feeling down in the dumps, an issue of ReadyMade makes me forget all my problems, and this particular issue does a swell job of lifting my spirits.
Out of 30 products for their holiday gift guide, they picked paper pastries moleskines to be #13! Isn't that amazing? I have loved Readymade ever since I can remember and I am so honored to be in my favorite magazine.
If you're a reader, the gift guide starts on page 67 and I'm on page 69. The guide is filled with wonderful items like a cozy blanket from Pendleton, a party starter pinanta from Confetti Systems, a hand drawn calendar from the Wild Unknown- haven't you heard that you are the company you keep?  ;)


  1. This is great news Margaret! I am glad that your subscription came through- I did it on ebay, so I was not certain....

  2. whoaaaaa! so amazing! congrats!!!! you totally deserve it!
    hope you get some rest and feel better soon :)
    thanks for the inspiration!



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