Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you were to ask me how many stationery drawers and boxes we have in our apartment, I couldn't tell you. This fact makes me happy, but it upsets Tony. He likes when things are organized, when everything has it's own place, when it's not all over his kitchen table. The solution to this, clearly, is to get a writing desk. But when you have someone with such particular tastes as mine, the task at hand is easier said than done. I have been looking for a secretary/writing desk since I graduated college. Not to age myself, but that was three whole years ago! I look in every flea market, garage sale, thrift store; I have not stopped. Well the gods smiled upon us last weekend, we found a desk on craigslist! Tony went to pick it up after work one day and dropped it off at my parents house. I have not even seen it in person. Of course it needs a new paint job, new knobs, and some fixing up but I have high hopes for this little fixer upper. My dad is currently stripping it and replacing the bottom of the drawers. I'm so excited!
Finally, my stamps won't be floating around.
My stationery sets and thank you cards will be in one place.
Handmade envelopes won't be a messy pile, and I'll be able to find my address labels.
Plus all my writing supplies will be in one place!
The desk is quite petite but I really didn't want some hefty beast lurking in the corner. I don't like those big bulky desks, they are such an eye sore. Though no one place will ever be enough to hold my never ending supply of stationery, it will be great to have a quiet place to sit down and write. Hopefully I can share pictures soon.
all photos by margaret haas.

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