Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another rainy day

Perfect to catch up with my pen pals. The stationery is paper+cup's old school letter set, and the stamps are from Cavallini & Co.
I typed a letter to Sophie, on my "new" typewriter.
A packaged a long overdue letter + gift to Kate in England. I know the weather is really terrible in other parts of the world, I am happy that I only have to deal with a few raindrops and some crazy wind!


  1. I have those stamps and that letter set too!

    My friend Tanya loved her "This Book Belongs To" stamp with the personalised authors. I love my new Paper Pastries stamps too. Thanks for making my Christmas gifting easier!

  2. What lovely little things for your pen pals. This reminds me I have a letter to write as well. :)



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