Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Calendar Girl

If you're like me, you're more excited about New Year's day, than eve. Why? Because you get to rip open your new calendar! I am an obsessive list maker and nothing's better than making future lists. I love skipping ahead to busy months and start planning. I got two calendars for  my studio, for my wall the typography calendar from Veer. 
Each month is a different font and has a bit of info about the designer.
In the bottom left hand corner, time slots. I like how this demands my work day ends at 6! Not sure if that will stick ;)
Instead of a specific date on each page, there is a full calendar along the bottom. I prefer this because I won't need to write reminders down every day, and some days will need more than one page.
Another fun thing that I received in the mail today was Katie's new year card. She stamped it herself and sent it in a vellum envelope.
She wrote the address on the back of the card so it showed through on the front and the back was a peek at the card. Cute!


  1. How would you describe the paper on the R&H Calendar Deck? For something like that to keep my interest all year, I'd need thick, quality paper. ...you know how us paper hounds are.

  2. The paper is not flimsy but its not cardstock either. It's definitely sturdy enough to get thrown around.



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