Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 I'm trying a lot of things: to get over my cold, find necessities for my studio, get ready for upcoming shows and get holiday orders packaged in time. Last night, after dinner, Tony and I went to Anthropolgie and found these drawer pulls for my shipping table. Little touches like this are going to make me fall in love with my studio! I am crazy prepping for upcoming shows so I have not been able to put the time into the place that I have wanted to. Anyone know where to find a wastebasket that's not tiny, but cute? It's seeming impossible. It is fun to furnish another space though. My dad said it was like moving into the dorms again. Almost, but my neighbors aren't nearly as fun.
At ReForm School, I picked up this handy twine dispenser.
 I liked it so much I had to get a black one too. I think the dispensers work great with Divine Twine too.
 For the Academy of Sciences show on Thursday, all vendors were asked to come up with a special product. I found cool graphics and icons in old science books and atlas' and made them into these envelope packets.
I think they turned out pretty good. They were easy but time consuming to make, good thin they are limited edition!

The size of the image dictated the size and shape of the envelope it turned into. There's only 9 packs, each with 4 handmade envelopes, with coordinating flat notes, and a le pen.
Now I'm going to pack for my quick San Francisco trip!

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