Monday, December 6, 2010

I ♥ Holiday Invites

Now that the party has happened, I can share the invites. These were the invites that I printed on the gocco machine at the last pen pal meeting. The screen didn't pick up the "m" in margaret or the "s" in Saturday completely but I think it's pretty good for my first time with a new printing method.
Really special invitations need really special envelopes. I had bought a fancy new red calligraphy ink that I was dying to try out but something was still missing- cute stamps! When's the last time the post master general approved a cute postage stamp? Probably the 70's. So I needed help from the best resource around- Christine! She put together an adorable set of stamps for my invites. I only had one request- no Santas.
I usually don't like white envelopes but I figured since these were only traveling around LA that they wouldn't get too dirty. I also thought white would be the best compliment to the red writing.
My favorite stamp is the one with the red mailbox.
I learned from Christine that you don't have to put stamps in the upper right hand corner. This fact came in handy since there wasn't always room for four stamps due to the size of the names/address.
I was quite pleased with my stack but so disappointed to find out that about 3 invites never made it to their destination! Damn the post office. A local letter should not get lost. Hopefully they eventually find their way, though it won't do much good now that they party has passed. Get your own set of vintage christmas postage from Christine's etsy shop, here and here, she's offering two different sets. Also, more quantities are available, you can email her for custom orders:


  1. i've always found those little 'imperfections' add to the charm of gocco--those invitations are just lovely :) and those envelopes!!!

  2. these invites are so gorgeous! and im never sticking to just that right corner anymore - who knew! :) sharing on my blog~

  3. here's the link:

    Happy Holidays~



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