Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scenes from the last week

 As you know, my life has been pretty crazy since Wednesday. 3 craft fairs over 4 days. I wanted to be sure to capture a few moments here and there from the madness. First I want to thank Wendy, who gave up her weekend to help out at Unique. The only reason I was able to do 2 craft fairs in one weekend was because I had the help of Katie, Nat, Tony and her. Now that I'm able to share a few photos, I wanted to first show my favorite part of these shows- my new booth tags! Carina, from Crow and Canary had a bird name tag at the spring Unique show. I really wanted name tags for everyone in my booth and Ms. Polly Danger came to the rescue. I gave her a ridiculous time line, sent her my scanned drawings of the name tags and she delivered! They are exactly what I had in mind- hand made, sturdy, and adorable :)
They are hand embroidered with brown thread onto a cream heart. A customer tried to by nat's for her friend!
 We received so many compliments on them, I had to keep writing down polly's info for people. Why didn't I get some of her business cards?
 Tina from Joie studios was also at Unique and she had these new "I love paper" pins. I also got those for my team.
 My name is the longest, I think it looks great!
Last weekend we had a trunk show for Paper Pastries' friends and family. Katie outdid herself again. Buttercream cupcakes with peppermint flakes, pink lemonade, boston cream cupcakes, and brownies. As usual, champagne was flowing the entire day.
 I love setting up at her house, I get to use her pretty dessert plates for my display.
 This was held on December 5th, which was a cool day. We even got a little rain towards the late afternoon. It was the perfect day to settle inside with friends.
So delicious! I ate too many of these, but they are only around once a year so I thought, why not?
It was a huge success! Thanks to all the friends and family who have been supportive since day 1. I couldn't do it without each and everyone of you.
 Thursday we were at Indie Mart's Academy of Sciences show.
 The museum is really amazing, unlike any science museum I've ever been to. There is a rain forest, an ocean, a planetarium, and a living roof.
 It was a fun event with live music, drinks, and an igloo with snow!
 This is Virgie, she works at ReForm School. She stopped by at our Renegade booth to say hello and posed with a few of her favorite products.
 Tony's idea to spruce up the booth- tons of shiny ornaments. He hung a backdrop of baker's twine then put up clear, green, and blue ornaments.  People loved it!
This week has been insane, and I leave on Thursday to head up to San Francisco again. The day after Christmas is going to be so quiet and I will sleep for a week!

all photos taken with my 35mm


  1. stopped by your booth at unique & love your cards :) cute name tags, too.

  2. The name tags turned out great! Hope you had an awesome show, sounds like there was a good turnout.



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