Monday, December 27, 2010

Scenes from our Christmas

 I had the most relaxing Christmas week. Honestly, the best Christmas ever. Actually, I'm of the thought that the current year I'm living is my 'best yet' and it's true, things just keep getting better. Tony had two whole weekdays off from work, which is unheard of. The rain returned to LA and it was the only excuse we needed not to leave. It was the perfect stay at home vacation.
Katie and Nat are out of town visiting his family so we are watching Kumar and Sin Jin. It was quite an experience to bring two rowdy cats into our house. From chasing each other at 4 in the morning, to snuggling on the couch we got a taste of what it would be like to have cats. I love these guys but I just feel so bad not letting them experience the great outdoors and get out all their energy. We won't adopt a cat until we have some outside space. Their favorite spot was under the tree with all the gifts. I got them an emery cat and they love it!
Tony ordered me a present at Renegade LA but it hasn't come in the mail yet- no big deal. I love presents any time of year ;) 
As a "studio warming" gift he got me a coffee/cappuccino/latte/tea/hot chocolate maker. There are so many different drinks and flavors available. So far, my favorite is the cappuccino. I know he meant it for my studio but I love having it at home.
 All weekend I tried to catch a snapshot of the boys but they kept turning away. So unlike them to be camera shy!
If the boys stay with us again, I'm going to put all the glass ornaments towards the top of the tree and the soft ornaments at the bottom. Only one ornament was broken this Christmas.
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! Now back to the grind...



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