Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's the Christmas Spirit?

UCSC is divided up into mini colleges and each have their own mail room. The reason why I wanted to work in one was because I was always receiving bent and crumpled envelopes. Unfortunately, there weren't any openings at my specific mail room, so I started at the Merrill one and was going to be transferred as soon as there was an opening at Cowell. After working there for two years, I no longer had any desire to continue doing so. Besides the fact that I now had a 'real' mailbox in my off campus house, I did not care to be treated like dirt by the know it all freshman, at least not for $8 an hour. Every so often I would get an irate freshman demanding I produce her care package at the window, immediately. If the mail had not been delivered that day, there was literally nothing I could do. Many fights ensued and after each one, I would think "how ridiculous, this is in no way my fault."
I ask that this holiday season, you don't be upset about late packages and crumpled up mail. I'm not saying be a doormat, it's absolutely fine to be upset if you don't receive great service, or if you feel you were mistreated. But during this crazy time of year, couldn't we all use a break?
If your sister's present was supposed to be delivered today and hasn't come, is it really that big a deal? You could give her a present in January and she would love it just as much. I feel like people put too much pressure on the Christmas deadline and it just makes me lose interest.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and don't forget to tip your mail carrier- if he deserves it!


  1. what a sweet post! i have lots of presents for my family coming in the mail this week, thanks for the reminder to be patient. :) happy holidays. xo.

  2. aahhhh! i worked in the mail room for 2 years in college & LOOOOVED it! yeah, there were those people who were quite demanding (i'm sure they are the mom's & dad's today who walk all over servers in restaurants) but i so enjoyed seeing the creative little pieces of post-love that came in to my fellow students :)



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