Monday, January 31, 2011

I ♥ the library

I'm pleased to announce you can now find a huge selection of Paper Pastries at the LA Library gift shop, downtown. Christine, the buyer, came up with this idea. Isn't it great? If you're local, you can find this downtown, if not, I have a few in my shop.  
Check out the library gift shop online.

I ♥ Vintage Illustrations

This is my dad's book that I borrowed. I flipped through it quickly and really liked the illustrations. Vintage books have the best drawings, don't you think?
I was never a girl scout but I do love those thin mints ;)
I think these are great tips, I wonder if these are still achievements to the boy scouts of today. If only people knew how happy a letter or note makes someone! Don't you think they would write more?
I wish I started taking pictures when I was younger. I definitely believe the more you practice something you love, the better you get at it. The boy scouts were so well rounded!
I don't agree with the subject of the photograph needed to be in the dead center but it's a good idea to start with the basics, then branch out on your own.
I'd like to get my hands on a boy scout book today- what has replaced taking care of a farm animal?
Have you ever caught a fish so big?
When my friend's grandfather used to drive us home, he'd point out what kind of clouds were in the sky. I wonder if he was a boy scout.
I'd like to watch someone practice the 'dodge spring' above. I hope a bear never suddenly pokes his head out at me- yikes!
These illustrations are unlike anything you see around today.
A reminder of the bill of rights.
Some good ol' American folklore. I think Johnny Appleseed is my favorite. Hope you all enjoyed seeing these pages.

Last Thursday, Tony came home so sick- fever, cough, headache. I wouldn't go as far as to blame him but I'm sick, again. This time, a common cold, I have a runny nose but he didn't. Is this what 2011 is going to be like? Not only is my body breaking down, I don't know how much longer my computer is going to last. First rule of 2011, only stress about one thing at a time. If that's even possible.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A pick me up

Most of you are familiar with Katrina, of Pugly Pixel. She was one of the four lovely ladies who guest blogged for me, last time I was out of town. For those of you who aren't, head over to her blog immediately, or the next time you have a couple hours. She has amazing downloads, tutorials, and photos. A new project of hers, Powered by Pastries, is dedicated to revamping blogs, websites, and online shops. I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately so I thought this could be just what I needed. When in doubt- always go to a professional!
I don't have moo cards anymore, but when I did, this one always got such a great response, so I told Katrina I'd like it to be incorporated somehow. These are what she came up for my new shop avatar (above) and banner, below.
l couldn't be more pleased! I love everything about it, the layout, the hearts, and how she turned the typewriter a pretty shade of blue. Don't you just love them?
I highly recommend working with Katrina, she is a great designer, and most importantly (at least I think) a great communicator! 
Katrina, you've made my week a whole lot better- thank you so much!
And for my readers, I'm sorry I've been awful this week- I've been in a foul mood up until now. I promise I'll make up for it next week, have a great weekend!
If you couldn't tell from my excessive ! I am happy and smiling :)
Check out my updated shop, looks great!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have you guys noticed that I haven't been myself recently? I've had a rough couple of days. This studio nonsense is so frustrating. The worst part of this? Hard to pinpoint, but probably the people who I pay to take care of these types of problems who just can't seem to get it together. Or is it that I can't use a space that has all of my materials in it? Regardless, the building manager is incompetent, to say the least. Tony called her tonight but she was at a real estate class. Hopefully, she is learning to do her job. 
I am wishing and hoping that this is all taken care of and resolved soon. I have been feeling so run down.  A few things that would make me feel better, besides the obvious...
To have something on my mind, other than this issue, and to be able to write a letter.
 Maybe some more heart shaped crafts? Couldn't hurt.
all photos from linked sites.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recap of Pen Pal Meeting 1.24.2011- Valentine's

We had a great meeting last night! Frankie, one of Billie's daughters, helped us set up and made this adorable valentine above. Guess who it was for :) It lights up my life!
New member, Nina, had fun with alphabet stamps. She wanted to "write" an entire letter in these stamps but they were a big large.
Claire's daughter, Ruby made this for her grandma. So sweet right?
She also made me this sweetly wrapped package, that I have to wait until Valentine's Day to open. Can't wait!
Last photo club meeting I completely forgot to take photos for our recap- what was I thinking? I vowed that all I would do during the pen pal meeting was take pictures, but I had to make a quick something for Sophie. That "S" turned out pretty good afterall- freehand!
Victoria dedicated some time to this lovely note.
And prettied up some paper with this edge punch and striped heart stamp.
I found this set on ebay and was so glad to have it for the meeting. I love vintage craft supplies.
Doilies,glitter, and gluesticks = heaven.
Tootie came up with a really sweet idea. We all made valentines to leave for strangers in places like parks or coffee shops. This anonymous project is called the lonely hearts club. How excited would you be to find this?
These were made by newbie members.
I made this for my sister's classroom. 
More from Tootie.
Clare's year of the rabbit+valentine's day card.
Busy crafters! Due to the new club (Ukulele Orchestra) we may need to switch the other clubs to Tuesday nights- hope there aren't any conflicts!

Friday, January 21, 2011

There's been drama. I'm so sick of thinking, talking and writing about it that I didn't want to even bring it up here. I think I might feel better about sharing/venting/ranting. Just so everyone knows, there has been a problem in my studio since day 1. There is a heating issue, being that the heater will not shut off. It has ranged from 80-97 degrees, daily. The only good thing about it is that they shut off the heating/ac unit at 6pm and all day on weekends and those have been the only times I've been able to work in there. I've been constantly talking to the building manager, building engineer and office secretary to resolve this problem. It took weeks before anyone even bothered to come to my studio to see if there was a problem. No one believed me, returned my phone, calls, or cared. There were a lot of interruptions- craft fairs, holidays, stomach flu, frustration, other projects- that have kept me from fully dealing with this problem. A major reason was that it was said to have been fixed, about six times. It's now gotten to the point where it is seriously affecting my business. It's like my business is being held hostage by this demon inferno! I can no longer be in this room of trapped heat- it gives me an all day headache and makes me queasy. Anyway, it's reached a point where if it's not fixed I'm going to call my own heater repair guy, and if he can't fix it I'm getting out. 
Due to all this, I am really behind on getting wholesale orders out. Tonight Katie, Nat and Tony are going to help me (either in the studio or back at world headquarters) and we are going to get everything done! If you ever need help from a team, I highly recommend the tips above. I cut this out of an old article of ReadyMade and it's never failed me. This weekend I have a lot of fun stuffed planned but I won't be able to enjoy it until I get these orders finished. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm not sure if I would call it cabin fever because I have been traveling a lot, and though they were fun, the majority of my recent trips were work related. I am itching to go somewhere on vacation! As before any trip I spend a lot of time thinking what cameras to take with me. Usually when I go somewhere for Paper Pastries (like my trip to DC) I take my digital camera. Digital cameras are great for their speed, I usually need to take pictures of booths quickly so I'm not taking up too much space in front of the tables and product. When I travel for fun, I usually take my Diana, Diana Mini, and Minolta 35mm. Each of these cameras do something different, so I like them for their variety. So whenever I leave the house/hotel where we are staying, I need to have all the cameras with me, plus extra film. The bigger the purse, the better! 
I have been eyeing this bag from photo jojo, though it seems more professional than fun.
What I'd really love is this. It seems gigantic but it's 18 inches wide. But at 16 inches high, it is more of a weekender than an "around town" bag. It's just so much more my style than any "camera" bag. Isn't she a beauty? Buttery leather! I just really want to get out of town, especially because of this heat. Maybe a weekend trip to San Francisco is in order? Yes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Par Avion

Ever since Christine gave me vintage mail goods for Christmas, I've been obsessed with them! There are so many on etsy I'm glad they are plentiful, I want to buy them all up! Instead, I will share these great finds. Above,  Unused airmail lot.
Don't these just make you want to send mail? All photos from linked shops. 
I just made a treasury featuring more airmail, check it out here. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make a name banner

To start, you need some pretty printed paper, these sheets are origami paper from Blick art stores.
You can freehand the letters, or use a stencil. I found this Helvetica stencil at Michael's Crafts. Depending on your paper, you may have to do some adjusting to get just the portion you want for the letters. Since my paper was an all over print, it was easy.
Because origami paper is so thin, I glued some cardstock to the back of each sheet, just to make it a bit more sturdy.
Trace all the letters on the back and backwards. Alternate colors and patterns for a more colorful banner.
Mark out the letters on the back so you can cut them out and the guides won't show. You don't have to be perfectly precise.
Cut out all the letters- the hard part is over!
Punch two holes in the top of each letter- this is so when you run a string through them, each letter with lay flat.
All done! Pretty cute right? I used oyster divine twine to string this up. I made this for my pen pal but I think they'd be perfect for a baby's room, or to welcome someone home.
I really want to make one with vintage paper. If you make one, please leave a link here so we can see.
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