Friday, January 7, 2011


The smell, the stickiness, the greasiness- it's so gross. Since I wear it everyday, I've gone through a lot of brands and a lot of bottles, on a constant search for the one. I'm elated to introduce Coola, because it is changing my life! I love love love this sunscreen. It is refreshing instead of greasy, cucumber scented instead of smelling of chemicals, and it literally sinks into skin like a fine cream. It reminds me of a moisturizer that a spa would put on after a facial. You think that would be enough to fall in love but its also:
-made in San Diego, California. 
-vitamin and antioxidant enriched
-30 spf with uva and uvb protection (hard to find!)
I feel a huge difference in my skin already. You can buy it locally at Le Pink & Co, on sunset blvd or it's available online. This makes me want to put on sunscreen everyday! It's also great under makeup- it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything yet my skin is hydrated and fresh.

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