Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have you guys noticed that I haven't been myself recently? I've had a rough couple of days. This studio nonsense is so frustrating. The worst part of this? Hard to pinpoint, but probably the people who I pay to take care of these types of problems who just can't seem to get it together. Or is it that I can't use a space that has all of my materials in it? Regardless, the building manager is incompetent, to say the least. Tony called her tonight but she was at a real estate class. Hopefully, she is learning to do her job. 
I am wishing and hoping that this is all taken care of and resolved soon. I have been feeling so run down.  A few things that would make me feel better, besides the obvious...
To have something on my mind, other than this issue, and to be able to write a letter.
 Maybe some more heart shaped crafts? Couldn't hurt.
all photos from linked sites.


  1. hope things go better for you soon
    meanwhile I do so love what you've gathered to cheer you up

  2. Don't let them get you down. This is your time to shine. You get one or two days to be Ms. Poopypants and then you have to say, hey, guess what, this problem isn't going to get me! Even if let say, worst case, you have to leave the studio space, best case still says that you get to face frustration with a smile. It's the best most fabulous rebellion ever. Oh yeah brain, go ahead just think about getting down, I'm about to SMILE!!!! Wishing you heaps of determination!



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