Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recap of Pen Pal Meeting 1.24.2011- Valentine's

We had a great meeting last night! Frankie, one of Billie's daughters, helped us set up and made this adorable valentine above. Guess who it was for :) It lights up my life!
New member, Nina, had fun with alphabet stamps. She wanted to "write" an entire letter in these stamps but they were a big large.
Claire's daughter, Ruby made this for her grandma. So sweet right?
She also made me this sweetly wrapped package, that I have to wait until Valentine's Day to open. Can't wait!
Last photo club meeting I completely forgot to take photos for our recap- what was I thinking? I vowed that all I would do during the pen pal meeting was take pictures, but I had to make a quick something for Sophie. That "S" turned out pretty good afterall- freehand!
Victoria dedicated some time to this lovely note.
And prettied up some paper with this edge punch and striped heart stamp.
I found this set on ebay and was so glad to have it for the meeting. I love vintage craft supplies.
Doilies,glitter, and gluesticks = heaven.
Tootie came up with a really sweet idea. We all made valentines to leave for strangers in places like parks or coffee shops. This anonymous project is called the lonely hearts club. How excited would you be to find this?
These were made by newbie members.
I made this for my sister's classroom. 
More from Tootie.
Clare's year of the rabbit+valentine's day card.
Busy crafters! Due to the new club (Ukulele Orchestra) we may need to switch the other clubs to Tuesday nights- hope there aren't any conflicts!

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