Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make a name banner

To start, you need some pretty printed paper, these sheets are origami paper from Blick art stores.
You can freehand the letters, or use a stencil. I found this Helvetica stencil at Michael's Crafts. Depending on your paper, you may have to do some adjusting to get just the portion you want for the letters. Since my paper was an all over print, it was easy.
Because origami paper is so thin, I glued some cardstock to the back of each sheet, just to make it a bit more sturdy.
Trace all the letters on the back and backwards. Alternate colors and patterns for a more colorful banner.
Mark out the letters on the back so you can cut them out and the guides won't show. You don't have to be perfectly precise.
Cut out all the letters- the hard part is over!
Punch two holes in the top of each letter- this is so when you run a string through them, each letter with lay flat.
All done! Pretty cute right? I used oyster divine twine to string this up. I made this for my pen pal but I think they'd be perfect for a baby's room, or to welcome someone home.
I really want to make one with vintage paper. If you make one, please leave a link here so we can see.


  1. They look amazing :) Thanks so much for my letter!! Will get on to yours right now x

  2. Thank you for this! I'm making a name banner for my wedding and this tutorial just saved me a whole bunch of time :D

  3. so cute and so stinkin' easy! love it!

  4. aww! So cute.. would be super perfect for a baby room, or a wedding




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